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Happy Birthday Golden Maknae!

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Artist:Unknown miN YOONGI
Title: Unknown i can be a gentleman cause i'm your boyfrieeEEEND
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I think Jewel broke Jungkookie

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V stretching  (*^▽^*)

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Anonymous: I swear i like meeting armys who are as cool as you. I honestly can't deal with the immature fans that gets jealous by the boys just barely standing next to someone who is the opposite sex. It makes me extremely happy when i see them interacting with girls because at the end of the day not only are they humans too but they're boys

yeah they never really get the opportunity to interact with girls in this way. idk people just need to realize that bangtan likes girls and they are going to flirt with them and date them if the opportunity arises. at the end of the day we’re just fans that don’t know them on a personal level and realistically there isn’t a very high chance that any ARMY is going to date them. lol we’re just fangirls thats it this is the life we live.

95vt: girl you said everything in that text post, ppl really need to stop being childish with their biases, like damn you like their music but that doesn't mean you can control their lifes bye

BUT REALLY LIKE. this has frustrated me to no end ever since they went to LA like people need to chill.

omg why are there so many negative opinions on the LA mv tbh I can tell a lot of it is probably just jealousy lol…. especially since people are dissing these girls for no reason other than them filming this mv with bangtan

like really don’t tell me that bangtan didn’t enjoy filming that mv one little bit because


i think

that may be



from true

where has this idea that bangtan are innocent little boys who don’t like girls come from because their hormones are fully active i assure you

i feel very


"you took away the stars of my night and the sun in my day." [trans]

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"Why vote for the boys they can’t win over YG or SM groups anyway"


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i love jhope. i bet if u were new in school and he saw u lookin for a place to sit he’d wave his arms and motion for u to sit down so he could introduce u to all his friends. i love jhope

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Artist:Unknown Taehyung
Title: Unknown BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER
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What makes ARMYs special?

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