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flourboyy: ohno! woopsies nevermind about mine :) i didnt even ask if you were doing anymore

It’s okay! I did it right now heheh.

flourboyy: Yulinda :)

Y is for You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW
U is for UP
L is for Love Song
I is for I Need a Girl
N is for Nothing Like It
D is for DON’T HATE ME
A is for Animal

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apocalypticacapella: uuuuuh im not sure if you're still doing this. Vicki?

I can do another one!~
V is for Villuminati
I is for If You Love Me
C is for Cat and Mouse
K is for Kissing You
I is for If U Want

greeneyedchick7: Amber(is it okay to do mine)

of course it is omg
A is for All Night
M is for Monster
B is for Boats and Birds
E is for Eppure Sentire
R is for Risque

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kimchi-dicks: Dominique!

D is for Dracula
O is for One Love
M is for Miss Right
I is for I LOVE YOU
N is for New York Times
I is for I Don’t Know What
Q is for Dancing Queen
U is for U & I
E is for Eleven Regrets
i didn’t have a song that starts with Q ;n;

jiminsnips: mckenna

o mg your icon
M is for Monterlude
C is for Crush on You
K is for Kanasahimi wa Aurora Ni
E is for Everybody Loves Me
N is for Natsukage
N is for Never Give Up
A is for Amazing

bapiii: Isabel

I is for I see Fire
S is for Set the Fire to the Third Bar
A is for Airplane Girl
B is for Before U Go
E is for Everything
L is for Look After You

bigbang-tinyboom: Hi! My name is Briana ^^~

Hi Briana~
B is for BETTER
R is for Recessional
I is for I should tell you
A is for Aoi Shiori
N is for No light No light
A is for All We Are

Anonymous: Kiara?

I is for If it means a lot to you
A is for Airplane Mode
R is for Romantico
A is for Anywhere but here

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kuraclaw: Jordan

J is for JUMP
O is for Officially Missing You, too
R is for Re:Pray
D is for Departures
A is for All Roads Lead Home
N is for NO BRAKE

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Anonymous: Jasmin (:

J is for Johnny
A is for Airplane
S is for Say (All I Need)
M is for Mine Tonight
I is for I Remember
N is for Night Sky (feat. Nak)

waeyobabe: Alice ;)

A is for Anymore
L is for Legacy
I is for In like a Lion
C is for Come Thru
E is for Exhibition

D is for Day by Day
A is for Alchemy
N is for Nice Day
I is for In the Morning

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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