artists mentioned in bts’ song 힙합성애자/hiphop lover/hiphopphile

  • Jay-Z
  • Nas
  • Snoop Dogg
  • KRS-One
  • Notorious B.I.G.
  • Eminem
  • Dr. Dre
  • Gang Starr
  • Black Star
  • Eric B
  • Rakim
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • J. Cole
  • Mac Miller
  • Kanye West
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • A$AP Rocky
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i need the whole album on my blog but i lack the energy to reblog it all because cypher pt 3 killed me

Artist:Unknown Bangtan
Title: Unknown BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)
Album: Unknown Dark & Wild

[!!!] You can watch the DANGER MV on BIGHIT or 1theK, both count!



This is confirmed on the fancafe, as well.

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[ irrelevant parts omitted ]

When asked about his meeting with hiphop figurehead Warren G, Suga revealed “He said he really liked my composition ‘Tomorrow’ and expressed his desire to personally use it as a remake” He elaborated, “[The remake] is in the works right now so if you wait a bit…

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Good, at least we have something in common

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My view on Sulli’s situation

Alright at first I was p heated about this because I read some of the things /f(x) fans/ were saying and I was in disbelief because of course i’m in this fandom too.

A lot of people are really mad at Sulli pointing fingers at her, blaming her for “screwing up” f(x). First of all, we don’t know any of the members of f(x) personally!!!! We don’t know the real situation and at times like this the worst possible thing to do is jump to conclusions.

When Red Light promotions first ended, everyone was placing the blame on Sulli. In complete honesty, if f(x) really wanted to promote without Sulli, they would’ve done it! Knowing SM, they would’ve supported that decision for sure too. But it was most likely a group decision for f(x) to stop promotions altogether, I really do not think it was Sulli’s fault. Another thing is, for those of you who don’t know, Sulli is depressed. She’s been depressed for a year, maybe even longer than that and I don’t think it’s that unbelievable. Her performances didn’t become as weak as they are now until a little over a year ago. It’s not only that her performances are weak. She just doesn’t look happy. She became sick a lot last year too, during one of the Gayo Daejun’s she literally looked like she was about to burst in tears onstage. She was pale, her eyes were watery, all in all…she just looked sick. I was concerned for Sulli for a really long time because of her mental health, it really worried me. I’m not sure if the netizen comments are the main cause of her depression but they definitely play a big role. It’s like no matter what she does, she’s criticized mercilessly. Yes, a lot of idols go through this but not everyone handles it the same way!!!! I was in so much relief when I saw a genuine smile from her only a couple of months back before the announcement of Red Light because she looked so much healthier, happier; she was practically glowing. Of course though, it seems that most likely her depression came back.

It’s hard to completely get rid of depression. Even when you’re starting to feel better, it lingers and anything could set it off to make you feel at your worst again. It isn’t unlikely that netizen’s comments were just the thing to set off Sulli’s depression. Now people are angry with her for possibly leaving f(x) and spending her time off as an idol with Choiza and there are two questions that I keep seeing from people.

• “Why would Sulli leave f(x)? How could she do this to them? She’s so selfish!”

- There is no absolute guarantee that she really is leaving. - If Sulli wants to leave f(x), she has every right to do so and i’m damn sure the girls will support whatever it’ll take to get her back to good health again, seeing as they would put a complete stop to promotions just for her.

At first, Sulli had every intention of coming back as soon as she possibly could, but if she ends up not being able to do so that is her and the girls’ business.

• If Sulli is so sick, why is she going on dates?

- When you are depressed, the worst possible thing you can do to yourself is to keep yourself cooped up in your room without company. Sulli has been in a relationship with Choiza for probably a year now, so i’m sure that they’re serious with eachother whether people want to accept it or not. I’m also sure that Choiza cares about her, so he is actually being a very good boyfriend to her by taking her out to do things to get her mind off of her depression!! She’s obviously happy with him. If it’s making her feel better, then that’s what’s important.

What’s making me upset is how quick this fandom is to turn on Sulli. Everyone is jumping to conclusions about her and making it seem as if she doesn’t care about f(x) and I honestly doubt that’s true. So many people are being extremely insensitive towards her. Sulli needs support more than anything right now, and even f(x) fans are turning on her. That’s the last thing she needs. Do you think f(x) would be happy to know that their fans are supporting them save for one member??? Isolating Sulli??? They need f(x) fans to support them as a group, to support all 5 of them, because as for now Sulli is still in f(x). She hasn’t left. If she really does decide to leave then that’s one thing….but for now. Try to be a bit more sensitive.

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the f(x) fandom is really gross right now i cant believe the things im reading smh

Hello everyone!! 
So, this is my 3rd follow forever and I’m sorry for my boring edit T_T
I’ve reached my next thousand and I’m really proud of that, because now I have the same amount of followers I had back in March. But because of some troubles I’ve decided to delete my blog back then!! And here a big shoutout to Sera who saved my URL because she knows me very well and she knew I would come back after things got better in life! I love you! 

Actually, this blog is over 2 years old. (with my old Vhyung acc.)
But I’ve decided to be a Bangtan blog last year when they made their debut. That was when I started to gif and edit only Bangtan things! At this time the fandom didn’t have so many giffers and editors but with every comeback the fandom grew bigger and also the amount of BTS blogs on Tumblr grew.
In this whole year (and 2 months) I made new friends and beautiful memories on Tumblr. 
My most wonderful memory was made on the 27th of July: The day I saw and touched BTS (and the day I confessed to V OMFG can’t forget his reaction)

To all my followers: Thank you for following me! I really appreciate every single follower! If you guys like my blog you should also following the persons on my following list! They have all beautiful blogs! 
p.s. just going to post here people that post only bangtan or people who are bangtan biased + other groups

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I follow much more blogs (got7, block b etc) and I think I forgot some BTS Blogs T_T I’m sorry If I did!
I love every blog I follow and I just want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME AND MAKING MY DASH PRETTY!! 

omg thank you cutie!!!

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Artist:Unknown 방탄소년단 (BTS)
Title: Unknown BTS 'DARK&WILD' Album Preview
Album: style="display:none;" >Unknown

BTS ‘DARK&WILD’ Album Preview

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dark & wild album preview sounds so amazing it sounds like the best album to ever bless my eardrums i want this album played at every major event in my lifetime

park jiminnie you are so cute

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The comeback of DARK&WILD is here and we need to support them as much as we can. They deserve all our support and also it will be amazing if they get an award , no? So here is how we can help BTS on music programs and support them.


  • Of course in a legal…

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"i think a person who tells their own story is a person who does music" - yoongi

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