reason #1 why you should like f(x) everyone else does
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adorable ot5

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Yoongi’s basketball skills

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Sleepy Bangtan (ᴗ˳ᴗ)。。。zzz

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endless edits of yoongi ruining my life <3
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J-hope has arrived, and that’s clearly all that matters /throws confetti/

I’m the maknae of the group, but Jimin hyung has the most aegyo.

when you’re about to eat something you were looking forward to eating only to find out you ate it already

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5/? dances (bts version)

140402 Pyeongchon fansign fanaccount (1,994 words + pictures!)


I have already written a fanaccount on the day of the fansign but it seemed too messy and feely to me so I’m rewriting it on Tumblr!

On the day of the fansign, I was supposed to leave to Pyeongchon earlier than I actually did. I left my hotel at around 5:45 PM and that was a huge…

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Look at how Jeongguk and Jimin (and everyone else) gets back into position without stepping on each other or whatsoever + they don’t look behind nor the floor. [standing ovation]

140221 Arriving at Music Bank
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